5 New-Home Market Design Trends

Architects say seamless movement between rooms, even between indoors and outdoors, can charm homebuyers
July 9, 2015
5 New-Home Market Design Trends
5 New-Home Market Design Trends

What features could give new-home builders an edge over existing homes? A “zero-step entry” is one of them, says KGA Architects.

“This is a big selling point for the 55+, or aging-in-place buyer,” KGA Architects says about the zero-step entry. “In some parts of the country this is a fairly standard detail. They don’t have to deal with things like snow, basements, or hot soil conditions.”

In addition, door manufacturers today provide a wide range of options for materials, colors, method of opening, and function.

Consider rolling doors and barn doors to act as partitions that open up effortlessly, creating a seamless transition between spaces—a perfect middle ground to please both the open plan proponents and homebuyers who are looking for more privacy.

Infinity outdoor rooms also give new homes an advantage over homes built earlier, as it bodes well to the current indoor/outdoor living trend. “Interior finishes like tile flooring, ceiling treatments, and wall finishes are being stretched outside,” KGA Architects says. “Cheap plastic chairs and tables are being replaced with elegant, comfortable, durable furniture.”

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