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It used to be that acoustic wall treatments were unassuming neutral panels hung in large corporate office spaces. But as homes increasingly include high ceilings and hard surfaces, acoustic product manufacturers are responding with stylish treatments to suit any space.

“In the past, acoustic panels have traditionally been viewed as drab and visually unpleasing,” says John Stein, president of Kirei. “Now, we generally work in a modern design aesthetic by printing colors or patterns on acoustic panels to match nearly any décor.”

Sound-absorbing products can find a use in several types of residential spaces, from home theaters to remodeled basements to loft-style living rooms or kitchens.

“As interior design for homes continues to trend toward loft-style open areas that use more sleek, reflective materials such as glass, concrete, wood, and tile, the need for acoustic comfort in homes becomes more prevalent,” says Mike Dardashti, an executive vice president at Snowsound.

Here are 6 acoustic products ready for residential use.