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There are several affordable and simple upgrades that can turn a listing into a turnkey home. spoke to industry experts to identify six different home upgrades in different price ranges that could help gain some interest from prospective buyers. The first only costs $500 or less and can increase a home’s value: a good deep clean. Pair that with a basic paint touch-up and a home can look drastically different to a buyer. For $2,000 or less, you can upgrade the first part of the home a buyer will interact with. The front door. It can be as easy as switching out hardware, a fresh coat of paint, and some refreshed lighting.

Wilmington, NC–based real estate agent-turned-blogger Rebecca Fernandez says that when she was given a listing that sat on the market without activity for months, a front-door upgrade helped make a difference.

“I convinced the homeowners to provide me with a budget of $500,” Fernandez says. “It was a very small Cape Cod home, painted dark beige, with an unflattering wood front door. To add contrast, I purchased black vinyl shutters and painted the door a dark red. Next, we cleaned up the front lawn and purchased a door mat, flowerpots, and mums, since it was autumn, and we wanted it to have a fresh, seasonal look. After those minor tweaks, with new pictures online and the added curb appeal, we drew multiple buyers and sold the property quickly."

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