7 Best Prefab Homes of 2018

January 2, 2019
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Photo: Pixabay/milivanily

2018 brought new innovation and ideas to the growing prefab housing industry. Here are 7 of the year’s most impressive projects, according to Curbed.

Prefab housing has increasing potential to integrate sustainable and smart home technology, as well as address the need for affordable housing. Flex House by Shelter Dynamics, for example, offers a full suite of smart and sustainable solutions, such as a greywater recycling system, an irrigation system, as well was smart lighting, thermostats, and locks. 

Other 2018 favorites include a secluded, 180-square-foot A-frame by Bjarke Ingels, accessory dwelling units by LivingHomes, and the solar-powered WikiHouse from Dutch studio RoosRos Architecten.

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