7 Tips On How To Be A Better Leader

February 29, 2016

Everyone has had a bad boss or two in their lives. Someone who thinks leadership is more about his or her individual power trip and less about leading a capable team in the most efficient way possible. But, as Al Trellis, President of Home Builders Network in Baltimore, Md. writes, the basic tenets and fundamentals of good leadership are timeless, and, surprisingly simple.

For example, most politicians might be able to get away with the do as I say not as I do rhetoric, but other leaders, especially in smaller businesses, cannot. It is important to not only preach the example, but to also back it up with your actions.

Displaying conviction in your decisions is another important tenet. Maybe it turns out after you have made a decision there is another possible option that may have been a better route to take, but don’t waver. Even if the original choice is less than optimal, if it is well planned and well executed, it will most likely be successful.

Other tips include being objective, trying to be as fair as possible, and being open and prepared to change.

To see the full list of the fundamentals of good leadership, follow the link below.

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