7 Tool Storage Solutions to Organize Your Jobsite

July 19, 2019
dewalt tool storage
Photo: Dewalt

The right tool for the job is probably what your dad taught you when you first wandered out to the garage, and the right tools need the right storage. PRODUCTS magazine found 7 smart storage solutions for your tool collection.

Let’s face it: having the right tools in good working condition and clean and organized and at the ready is as close as you can get to gospel in the construction trades—so much so that tool belts, boxes, and storage cabinets have evolved to become specialized tools in and of themselves.

With tight labor conditions still stressing out most construction crews, interest in jobsite productivity and efficiency is at all-time highs. As a result, workers are taking a meaner, leaner look at tool storage solutions in search of organizational gear that’s adaptable, customizable, utilitarian, and highly mobile.

“The understanding that tradespeople want to be more productive is at the forefront of every product we design,” says Matthew Vargo, senior product manager at Milwaukee Tool. “With contractors constantly moving from jobsite to jobsite, they’re constantly seeking versatility and the ability to kit out their gear. As a result, we’ve expanded our storage lines to include solutions like our 40-inch Steel Work Cart to our modular Packout system.”

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