8 HR Tips for Builders of Any Size

All home builders, regardless of company size, can and should implement the following HR best practices

By Bill Carpitella | September 30, 2003

While many builders lack the resources to duplicate the human resources programs of large companies such as Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson, all home builders, regardless of company size, can and should practice the following:

1. As a leader, be a good model who listens and communicates to employees and subcontractors.
2. Recognize a job done well. Recognition needn't be monetary. Given at the time of achievement, recognition reinforces the positive behavior. Make it a daily habit to find good things happening inside your business and call attention to them.
3. Provide benefits that are inexpensive to your company but valuable to your employees. At no cost, employers often can get local businesses to provide work-site access to massages, dry cleaning and other routine services usually requiring time away from work. These benefits send the message that your company cares.
4. Give employees a chance to understand the company's financials and contribute in ways traditionally frowned upon in our industry.
5. Allow employees time to participate in and give back to their community.
6. Offer employees a mentor so they can grow into new positions and progress through the business methodically. Any builder can create a simple developmental plan.
7. Make a conscious effort to hire minorities and females in positions of consequence.
8. Review your hiring practices to ensure consistency and efficacy.


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