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Pickup truck makers are rolling out next year’s models, and there’s a little something for every contractor, including innovative safety features, larger capacities, and eye-catching aesthetics.

Contractors who spend a large chunk of time in pickup trucks, whether shuttling between jobsites, hauling materials and crew, or conducting business, are likely to find just the right fit for their needs. Along with customization for cab style, doors, and bed size, capacities and capabilities for towing and hauling continue to increase.

A common theme across many models is enhanced safety: in addition to robust construction and the latest air bag packages, several models also include high-tech features such as lane departure warnings, blind spot assistance, pedestrian detection, and trailer stabilization. Technology infiltrates the cab via hands-free calling, impressive audio systems, and interactive displays. And they continue to get more comfortable.  

Manufacturers aren't sacrificing style for performance, either, with looks that manage to be both rugged and refined, robust yet streamlined. Color and trim packages abound, ensuring flexibility of form as much as function.

Here’s a look at 8 pickup truck and work van models ready to roll to your next project.

(Note: 2018 model information was not yet available for Sprinter van options from Freightliner and Mercedes.)