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The Consumer Electronics Show, more commonly known as CES, used to be the place to see the latest small gadgets and gizmos, but in recent years building products brands have used the show to introduce their high-tech offerings.

Held in Las Vegas every January, CES has always attracted more common tech brands such as ATT, Verizon, Samsung Electronics, and Sony, but as more traditional building products brands forge farther into the smart home market, it’s not unusual to see such brands as Kohler, Moen, Yale Locks & Hardware, Lutron Electronics, Whirlpool Corp., Chamberlain Group, GE and many others.

The theme is obvious, but the approach from each brand is very different.

"As technology integrates more fully into our lives, it's important to develop ways that it can help make things we do every day more comfortable and enjoyable," said Larry Yuen, group president, kitchen and bath at Kohler Co. "Kohler applies our industry heritage and passion for innovation to provide specific solutions in the kitchen and bathroom – such as smart kitchen faucets that offer hands-free experiences, unmatched sound quality for music in the shower, or a range of innovative intelligent toilets that enhance your comfort in the bathroom."

Kohler, for example, is forging ahead with voice-recognition products for the kitchen and bath, including faucet, smart mirrors, and showering systems.


New additions to Kohler’s smart home offering include a new Moxie showerhead and wireless smart speaker with built-in voice assistant; Aquifer Refine water purification system with Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor water usage and filter life; Setra kitchen faucet with Kohler Konnect, offering touchless on/off operation through a state-of-the-art sensor and on/off and measured dispense operation when paired with a voice assistant; and updated DTV Mode digital shower system, among others.

Moen says society is at the dawn of a new age in which we have more control over where, when and how we experience water in our homes each day, so the company rising to meet that demand.

“Moen is revolutionizing how consumers think about the water in their homes,” says Mark-Hans Richer, senior vice president, chief marketing and innovation officer, Fortune Brands Global Plumbing Group, parent company of Moen. “This year, we’re leading the industry to new places—all enhance people’s experiences with water, while enabling them to control and conserve it without sacrifice. Consumers have never had this kind of power before, and we’re excited to be the ones giving it to them.”


At CES, Moen introduced the Moen Network, a new whole-home smart water ecosystem features voice-activated, app-based technology that was first used in the U by Moen smart shower, the company. Now it’s available across a full line of smart home products, including kitchen and bath fixtures, as well as a home water monitoring security system.

Making a big splashy debut at the show this week, CareOS announced its new Poseidon smart mirror, the first made-to-measure connected mirror with CareOS built in, the brand claims.  The smart mirror ecosystem plugs into other aspects of your life, so homeowners may customize the unit as they see fit.


Here are 9 smart home products from the show:


Ring Access Controller Pro


Ring, the smart home security giant, released the new Ring Access Controller Pro, which gives users access to their home gate through their app when paired with the Ring Video Doorbell or Cam. Homeowners can remotely open and close their home gate and allow secure deliveries from Amazon with Key by Amazon. The company says consumers can use the access controller in conjunction with the Ring Video Doorbell or Cam to get live view from the gate, see who is there, and remotely let them in from the app.


WiZ Connect Wifi Remote



With a 50 foot range, the new WiZmote by WiZ Connected uses low-energy WiFi technology to control products in its lighting system, according to the company. The remote allows users to turn lights on and off, adjust the brightness, and choose from four of their favorite light modes. After a user presses the “on” button, the remote triggers a circadian rhythm feature that will transition the lighting from bright daylight to dim warm light through the WiZ App, which now has new energy optimization features that tracks power consumption. Water Valve Smart Water Valve+Meter introduced the new Smart Water Valve+Meter, which monitors the water system even when a homeowner is away. If it detects a large leak, the company says the valve will automatically shuts off the water. Using a temperature sensor, the device can alert the user if there is a risk for frozen pipes. It can also detect small leaks and sends a notification to the homeowner before it grows or shut off the water if a toilet is continually running. The app also allows users to monitor their water usage. 


Poseidon Smart Mirror

Poseidon Smart Mirror

A CES 2020 Innovation Awards honoree, the new Poseidon Smart Mirror by CareOs can track skin details, zoom in on a face, play wellness tutorials for topics such as posture and make-up, track trends in weight and nutrition, and adapt the lighting to a user’s mood. According to the company, the voice-activated  mirror can also help children learn hygiene with teeth-brushing games programmed into the system. Consumers can choose the material the mirror is made of, its orientation, and its size for a customized look. 

Vacos Cam

Vacos Cam

The new Vacos Cam, a battery-powered, wire-free security camera for the home, features full-color night vision that helps it stand out from other cameras that produce only black-and-white videos at night. The company says users may store the video locally or save the videos to the Vacos Cloud online. Its AI technology helps the camera alert users to potential issues but reduces accidental alerts due to movement from pets or branches. 

GE Lighting Hub

GE Lighting Hub


Using wire-free technology, GE Lighting’s new battery-powered C by GE Wire-Free Dimmer can control C by GE smart bulbs, switches, and dimmers, according to the company. The dimmer can be controlled via mobile app or voice-controlled even without a hub such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, which makes it possible to use in an older home without a hub system. With a removable adhesive strip, homeowners can install the dimmer on any wall in the home. 


Moen Smart Faucet

U by Moen Smart Faucet

The U by Moen Smart Faucet lets consumers control the faucet via voice commands, the app, or the standard one-lever handle. The company says the users can tell the faucet to precisely measure water, set a temperature or use personalized pre-sets such as “dog bowl.” A motion sensor also allows users to turn on the faucet hands-free. 


Edison Filament Bulb

Edison Filament Bulb

Giving smart lights a vintage twist, Sengled released the new smart Edison FIlament Bulb and collection of Smart LED E12 Candle Light Bulbs. The Edison Filament Bulb features a warm, soft glow while the candle light bulbs can support up to 16 million colors, according to the company. The bulbs are compatible with the voice-controlled Sengled Smart Hub, which also received an update for 2020 to include new features such as “vacation mode” that turns lights on and off randomly. Each hub can support up to 64 devices and can be controlled via the Sengled home app. 

BenjiLock Deadbolt

BenjiLock by Hampton Livia Deadbolt

The BenjiLock By Hampton Livia Deadbolt uses fingerprints as keys to secure a home. According to the company, the smart lock is pick, bump, and drill-resistant. If users prefer, they can also use the Array by Hampton app or keypad to control the lock. Through the app, users can share access codes, set times, and monitor door activity. The lock can store up to 10 fingerprints and 25 codes and is compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Siri.