9 Key Home Trends for the New Buyer

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Room for personalization in homes is key

June 30, 2015
9 Key Home Trends for the New Buyer

What are new-home buyers looking for? As preferences constantly evolve, a panel of experts captured a screenshot of today’s homebuyers’ tastes and trends.

One key point in home design today is room for personalization. According to the executive director of architecture and planning group KTGY, Nick Lehnert, if 10 different buyers moved into a home, they would live in that space in 10 different ways. “Personalization is number one for everybody,” he adds.

Additionally, kitchens and bath should be designed for an enhanced experience at home. “We’ve done gourmet kitchens, and now we’re doing gourmet baths,” said Amy Albert, editor-in-chief or Professional Builder.

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