Age in Place With These Tech Products

October 10, 2017
Smart home
Photo: Pexels

Many homeowners are preparing for the future as home satisfaction and aging in place rise in popularity.  

CBS News has culled 10 products that integrate automation and smart home technology for those who prefer their current house of choice, or are planning for one down the road. Smart home assistants like the Amazon Echo, and appliances such as Samsung's Family Hub refrigerator are useful for consumers of any age to organize their homes and keep on top of to-do lists, particularly when transportation is an issue.

"Electronically controllable thermostats, lighting, motion sensors, smart doorbells -- these are all technologies that have been bundled into the concept of smart homes," said Orlov. "You can see how they would be useful in helping people remain in their homes even as they felt less safe in the neighborhood or weren't good at thermostat management or were at risk of falling in their own homes and being left alone."

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