Alexa to Become an Apartment Amenity

November 8, 2018
Desk with Amazon Echo
Photo: Unsplash/James McDonald

Amazon is continuing to make itself at home in the housing industry. A new deal between the company, smart device hub Zego, and multifamily investment platform S2 Capital will bring its devices to 30,000 apartments by 2021. 

Zego connects smart home devices in an apartment to the building's management and maintenance services, along with a "marketplace for local services," HousingWire reports. Smart-enabled units will have an Amazon Echo, allowing residents to control smart locks, lights, electrical outlets, thermostats and more via the Zego app, or by asking smart home assistant Alexa. In the future, residents will be able to communicate with apartment staff and even pay rent through the Echo.

The deal has upside for both companies and a runway for more collaboration in the future, as both S2 and Zego are on the upswing. S2 was founded in 2012, and in that time, the company has acquired more than $2.1 billion in Class B and C multifamily communities and invested more than $200 million in upgrades and renovations. Zego has already been implemented in more than 16,000 units in 80 multifamily communities nationwide, and tripled its workforce over the past year to keep up with the rising demand. And now, both companies are ready to move further into the future.

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