Amazon Sells Out of 3-Bedroom Houses

September 3, 2019
is the future drones and buying your house online?
Photo by Jonathan Lampel on Unsplash

A three-bedroom house priced at $105,000 on Amazon has sold out. The online retailer started selling the modular house in recent months according to Housing Wire and the European manufacturer, Q-haus, based in Tallinn, Estonia indicates that there is a backlog of orders. The home, called Cliff, also includes an open kitchen, dining room, and sauna.

“Cliff is a modular house perfect for accommodation for friends and family members overnight,” the Amazon description says. “It also can successfully be used to accommodate larger groups of people in ski-resorts or rent the units out in Airbnb, or as a private lake-house for romantic weekends. These modular houses are suitable in different climate areas all around the world. The idea of a Cliff is to offer more space with smaller measurements of the building with taking advantage of a smart-home technology for a more eco-friendly approach.”

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