Appliances - Perlick Residential Column Refrigerators

June 26, 2018
Perlick 24-inch column refrigerator
Photo: Perlick

Perlick's new collection of residential column refrigerators offers commercial-grade performance and high-style luxury. The 24-Inch Column Refrigerator has four independently controlled temperature zones that maintain temperature within one degree Fahrenheit of setpoint, and has settings for deli, meat/fish, produce, and beverages. The tip-out produce bin enables leafy greens to be stored upright like a bouquet of flowers instead of on their side, so they stay fresh and crisp longer. Humidity levels are electronically monitored to add moisture back into the compartment when needed, while filtration removes gases emitted by some types of produce. Perlick's 24-Inch Single- and Dual-Zone Wine Columns are equipped with humidity control and carbon air filtration that maintains 60-70 percent humidity. Triple-pane, bronze-tinted, UV-resistant glass is low-e and argon filled to protect bottles from light exposure that can cause oxidation in wine. 

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