Architect Collaborates With Industrial Designer to Design Stylish Prefab Home

September 21, 2015

Kansas City-based Acre Designs is designing the Axiom House, which TreeHugger describes as “an industrial product that can be delivered anywhere in a shipping container, for a price that is competitive with conventional construction.”

The house is a flexible 1,800 square feet and can be reconfigured to adapt to its occupants’ life cycles. It is built to near Passive House standards and uses structural insulated panels.

Acre Designs’ approach is more like a tech startup than like conventional designers, saying in a release that the firm is the very definition of a technology company.

“We apply scientific knowledge from the fields of architecture, engineering, environmental design, and material and construction science in the most practical way imaginable. We’ve used these practices to create homes that take half the time to build, use a fraction of the resources, and have as little as half the lifetime cost of traditional homes,” the release says.

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