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Luxury lighting brand Atelier Anaka has unveiled its 2020 collection of  lighting featuring mouth-blown and hand-cut glass.

Assembled by hand in the company’s Montreal, the “2020 collection is crafted from materials that are designed to bring out the inherent beauty found in the natural textures of glass, stone and metals,” the company says. “Industrial solid brass components lend a sculptural feel to the modern design of each fixture and compliment the delicate surfaces of the glass.”



The Lennox pendant, one of our newest designs is a modern take on a retro form popularized in the 1970’s. The blown glass shade is hand cut by master craftsmen in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. It’s available in seven hues with two hardware finishes: Satin Brass and Satin Black Nickel.

Atelier Anaka explains that the new collection introduces hues of Rose, Peony and Olive that blend perfectly with the classic shades of Smoke, Alabaster, and Amber. With the new collection, the company also is introducing new glass shapes: “The rounded-edge rectangle of the Lilianne and flattened oval of the Lennox exemplify the technical evolution of this collection,” the company continues. “The Martin Dome, in luxurious leather finished marble is another new addition to the collection. The collection is inspired by lunar surfaces and astral bodies.”

The 2020 collection includes the Paulina and  Elaine Pendants, two fixtures featuring 12 to 15-millimeter-thick, hand cut blown glass globes. The Paulina features a classic Battuto cut over 50 percent of the surface, while the Elaine features the Battuto as well as a frosted honeycomb cut. Each model is available in 6-inch or 10-inch variations.

Victoria.15 is another addition to the collection. A sculptural branch chandelier constructed with knurled solid brass components and round opal glass orbs, it’s perfect for lighting a dramatic staircase, the company says.



One of the company's first lighting designs, the classic Katie pendant is a mouth blown organic orb, available in five sizes: 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch, and 18-inch. Each piece is blown to order and no two pieces are alike. The Katie is available in seven colors, either frosted or polished.


Steven Dome, Atelier Anaka's most popular light fixture, has been updated with the new cable system as well as the addition of a luxurious round white marble plate inside the dome that acts as a reflector.

“The new pieces perfectly complement the existing collection,” Atelier Anaka says. “The Katie Pendant, one of the first luminaires created by Atelier Anaka, retains an important place in the collection. The solid brass hardware has been updated to a sleek cable system that is almost invisible, allowing the Katie to virtually float over any surface.”

Founded in 2014,  Atelier Anaka is run by Canadian designer Daniel Anaka, who draws on the visual expertise he developed from his careers in fashion and interior design to inform his lighting collections, the company says. “Each piece in the collection bears the name of a close friend or family member that has inspired the designer through their strength and creativity.”

A curated selection of Atelier Anaka’s 2020  collection is offered at Montauk Sofa’s Chicago showrooms.



The sleek, low profile Steven Dome is the brand’s most popular model. At 24 inches in diameter and only 4 inches in height, it makes a bold statement without adding too much visual weight. It is perfect as a single fixture or, for a more dramatic statement, two can be hung side by side. The Steven is made of powder coated steel with a white marble reflector plate inside. The hardware is solid brass, available in either Satin Brass or Satin Black nickel.


The Elaine Pendant is a mouth-blown and hand-cut product with a classic Battuto cut as well as a faceted honeycomb cut. It’s available in seven glass colors.


The Lilliane Pendant is mouth-blown and hand-cut by master craftsmen in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. It is available in seven colors and the solid brass hardware comes in two finishes: Satin Brass and Satin Black Nickel.



The Paulina Pendant is a hand cut fixture. The glass, available in seven colors,  is a minimum of 12 millimeters thick, which gives the light a feeling of luxury, the company says. We offer two sizes, the 6 inch version and the 10 inch version (shown) The solid brass hardware is available in your choice of two finishes: Satin Brass and Satin Black Nickel.



The combination of the angular frame and the elongated organic shape of the glass shades make Catherine.6 a study in contrasts. This dramatic dining room fixture has become one of most popular fixtures among the brand's designer customers, the company says. It’s available in seven glass colors and two finishes on its solid brass hardware.