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Australia-based prefab company Dimensions X is pioneering a sustainable and efficient solution to prefab home building meant to bypass excessive delays, costs, and waste associated with traditional home construction. The company’s first prototype, OM-1, was constructed with cross-laminated timber (CLT) and designed with a number of energy efficient features that make it not only eco-friendly, but also affordable for prospective buyers.

Dimensions X hopes to usher in an era of hassle-free prefab home sales with a six week time frame from the initial design to the home’s completion, all ordered at the click of a button, Dwell reports.

​​Because the OM-1 is built of CLT, a strong and sustainable material, it has a smaller-than-average carbon footprint. [Oscar] Martin and co also skipped concrete, instead creating a foundation using a material called Surefoot Footing that allows buyers to situate the design on varying terrain with minimal disruption to the land.

Even when a home is placed, nothing is set in stone. It can be rotated, walls can be removed, windows and doors can be switched, and extra eaves can be added for storage, for example. Says project architect [Alejo] De Achaval, "The possibilities are endless."

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