The Basics of Panelized Construction

April 8, 2019
prefab house
Photo: Pixabay/qimono

Panelized construction is becoming increasingly popular for its time- and labor-saving capabilities.

Building with factory-made panelized pieces takes a lot of guesswork out of the construction process, allowing construction to continue on a tight schedule with less workers, regardless of local weather conditions. Forbes reports that the method also saves waste, and can be easier to manage than other prefab construction methods.

An early study performed in 1996 demonstrated the advantages of panelization. The study was called Framing the American Dream. Two identical houses were built side by side; one was site built and the other was panelized. In the study they found several remarkable statistics, including a 75% reduction in man-hours to frame, 25 percent reduction in the amount of lumber, 75 percent reduction in scrap generated.

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