Behr Announces the 2021 Color Trends

August 24, 2020
Wall and fireplace with Day Flower and Almond Wisp paint
Among Behr Paint's colors for 2021 are Day Flower on the wall and Almond Wisp on the fireplace (Photo: Courtesy Behr Paint Company)

To promote “elevated comfort,” the theme for the 2021 paint color palette, Behr Paint Company today is introducing a spectrum of 21 shades, ranging from gentle neutrals to energizing bolds. 

“More than ever before, our homes are our sanctuaries,” says Erika Woelfel, Behr’s vice president of color and creative survives. “This has been a year of unpredictability, and 2020 has significantly changed our relationship with our home. Whether we are turning a playroom into a classroom or a guest bedroom into a home office, this palette was curated to help do-it-yourselfers and designers level-up their color discovery process, embrace the latest design trends and transform tired spaces into welcoming havens.”

The 21 colors are grouped into six themes: Casual Comfort, which encompasses light, warm neutrals; Optimistic View, a collection of warm, engaging and brighter colors drawn from the Mediterranean and the 1970s; Subtle Focus, a group of soft pastels; Calm Zone, which includes restorative blues and greens; Quiet Haven, which encompasses darker traditional colors. Outdoor Escape is the same group of tones formulated for exterior use.

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