Berkeley Natural-Gas Ban for New Buildings Sparks Nationwide Trend

By Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor | September 26, 2019
iceberg floating in water affected by climate change
Photo by Melissa Bradley on Unsplash

Berkeley, Calif., banned the use of natural gas in newly constructed buildings in July. The move seems to have sparked a trend for other communities to do likewise.
Within a few weeks, four other California cities passed similar rules to encourage buildings to use only electricity, precluding the use of gas for heating or cooking. Two more cities, Menlo Park and Santa Monica, enacted similar measures this month.
At least 50 California cities—including the largest in the state: Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, and Sacramento—are considering gas bans. The trend has extended beyond the Golden State to Seattle and Brookline, Mass., which are considering their own proposals. The bans are intended to combat climate change.

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