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This year marks the largest launch to date for kitchen appliance manufacturer Bertazzoni.

The Italian brand has nearly doubled its portfolio by releasing an entirely new line of appliances while updating past products. Just released products include wall ovens, rangetops, cooktops, refrigerator, freezer, wine cabinet, ventilation hoods, and over-the-range microwave. 

Current European kitchen trends have influenced the company’s release, namely the growing interest of consumers to purchase an entire suite of appliances for their kitchens, and the brand’s desire to have a product fit for any need in the kitchen. 

“The variety that [consumers] can choose among is very exciting for consumers because Bertazzoni has three different styles, different sizes, different fuels, different price positioning,” says Valentina Bertazzoni, head of design and brand. “We can really expand in a section of the market that goes from premium to premium luxury.”



Built-in European wall oven modern


Built-in Wall Ovens

Brand new to Bertazzoni, the built-in wall ovens and specialty ovens are available in two of the brand’s appliance series: Professional and Master. In true European style, each wall oven can be installed completely flush to the wall.

Installation also gives way for versatility, as the convection wall oven can be installed horizontally or vertically, and comes in 30 and 24-inch sizes. The company says their ovens are compact in size but are high performing. Compactness is an Italian standard, so the standard is carried over to Bertazzoni’s offerings, Bertazzoni says. If multiple ovens are planned for one kitchen, they can be installed next to one another to appear as one unit. 

Features for the single and double built-in convection wall ovens include new handles, knobs, touchscreen technology, and an LED control panel. There is a dual-diagonal convection system for optimized heat distribution.

The largest wall oven is the Professional Series 24-inch Built-in Wall Oven with soft-motion hinges, anti-fingerprint treatment, and easy to clean enamel.

Specialty ovens include speed ovens, convection steam ovens, microwave drawers, and warming drawers.



Bertazzoni cooktop new high performance


Cooktops and Built-in Rangetops

There are four available built-in rangetops: two Master Series versions in 48 and 36-inch styles, and two Professional Series iterations in the same sizes. These rangetops have been re-engineered for larger cooking surfaces and more powerful burners, the company says. Compared to previous models, these versions are 15% larger.

“Especially in this strange year 2020, we see that there is a sort of renaissance of the kitchen,” says Bertazzoni. “People stay at home, cook more, enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing food for the people they love. So we see an interest in upgrading the kitchen even if they don't really want to start a major renovation at this uncertain moment. But maybe just one range can really give this kick to the space in order to make the space more interesting.” 

One notable improvement from the rangetops are the two 19,000 BTU power burners. It also only takes water six minutes to boil, the company says. 

Redone drop-in cooktops come in 30 and 36-inch models for both the Professional and Master Series. New additions to the cooktops include side mounted knobs and thermocouple ignition system.


Master Series rangetop oven stove


The XV Front-Control Gas Cooktops are another new option in a different burner configuration. Cast iron grates top the burners, which have up to an 18,000 BTU capacity.

“All the cooktops are designed in a way that their consumption is used to the minimum,” says Bertazzoni. “That means efficiency is at the maximum level. We achieved this by reducing the space between the bottom of the pot. In Italy, it's the energy rating that is a very sensitive topic right now. We have restrictions that are more strict than in North America, and this is the reason why whenever we design built-in ovens, ranges, we keep in mind energy efficiency is extremely important for the user, but also for the environment.”

Bertazzoni has seen a large interest in induction cooking in the U.S., and their 365 Induction Cooktops were made to meet the demand. The smaller 30-inch model features four 3,700 Watt heating zones and the larger 36-inch model has five 5,500 Watt zones. Temperatures are controlled through a touch screen.

But it does not end there. The company also released a 304 Ceran Electric Cooktop with nine power levels, residual heat indicators, touch screen controls, and an overflow safety device.



Food beverage fridge freezer wine cabinet


Built-in Food and Beverage Preservation Columns

One of the largest releases in the 2020 launch are Bertazzoni’s Built-in Food and Preservation Columns. The thin columns are a forward-thinking take on traditional fridges and freezers, and a first for the company, which already offers other refrigerators

Column appliances include a refrigerator, freezer, and wine cabinet. Though appearing thin and sleek, the columns have the largest interior depth in their category, the company says. 

These columns can disappear into the kitchen, able to use the same panels seen on kitchen cabinets or remain in their stainless steel form. Able to be installed flush into the walls, the preservation columns follow the same look as all other Bertazzoni products.

In addition to panel customization, clients can pick from three Bertazzoni handle styles, accents, or use custom hardware. 

Similarly to their cooktops, the preservation columns offer a touchscreen interface with temperature controls. When opening the columns, there will be no dramatic loss of cold air, the company says, due to a lateral airflow they call a “cold air curtain.” Columns also utilize a no frost technology.


European design contemporary fridge


Bertazzoni says the wine cabinets were designed to fit Franciacorta champagne, also known as the champagne of Italy. This means the cabinets are able to fit larger bottles on several different levels, not just select ones.

To keep wine tasting fresh and unbothered, there are precise temperature and humidity controls, along with a vibration-dampening system.

Freezers include custom ice cube setting and water filtration systems.

Preservation columns are available in 42, 48, 60, and 72-inch sizes, or even beyond, the company says.



Range hood ventilation high CFM


Kitchen Ventilation Hoods and Over-The-Range Microwaves

Chimney and Visor Hoods come in several different iterations. The Chimney Hoods have three silhouettes, and the Visor Hoods have two. 

Both types of kitchen hoods offer up to 600 CFM extraction power, with the 24-inch Visor Hood being the only one that goes up to 300 CFMs. Each hood also features a three-speed motor, LED lights, and aluminum mesh filters.

Bertazzoni’s Over-The-Range Microwaves come with the same CFM capability of 300, but with 10 microwave power levels. Instead of an aluminum mesh filter, the product comes with a charcoal filter for maximum efficiency, the company says.

To combat pesky fingerprints that come naturally with microwave use, the treatment of the stainless steel prevents prints. The microwaves include an LED-lit digital touch screen interface, and door touch release button. 


Ventilation hood kitchen stainless steel

New Customization Options 

Besides offering new products, Bertazzoni is offering customizable hardware.

These hardware options can be fitted on any Heritage Series appliances for a cohesive look. Metal additions are coated in real gold, copper, and black nickel.

“Having the entire kitchen coordinated is a very sophisticated touch that can add a stylistic theme in the kitchen,” says Bertazzoni.

If adding decor to the hardware is something a client wants to do later on, the decor is able to be added at any time with no engineer needed, the company says. 

Ranges with pops of color have been available for some time in yellow, black, orange, or red. Customization offers upgrades to a kitchen for projects on smaller budgets. Changing the range to a colorful yellow appliance can transform the room, the company says.