The Best Ways To Turn Browsers Into Buyers

January 29, 2016

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of House Hunters knows how obsessive prospective buyers can be when it comes to learning more and more details about a possible home. “Does it have wood floors? When were they installed? Were the banisters for the stairs hand-carved by an artisan named Phillip in Connecticut?”

But how much of this information should be made available online, and how much should be withheld in order to attract serious buyers quickly? In addition, how should this information be presented? How these aspects are presented can have a major affect on how interested a possible buyer may become in a given property.

The key, it would appear, is to provide just enough information to attract an on-site visit, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming for the consumer. Another must is high quality, deep content specifically targeted at those who are most likely to buy.

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