11 of the Coolest Paint Products at Home Depot

July 13, 2016
11 of the Coolest Paint Products at Home Depot

The paint department at Home Depot is like a store within a store. We’re constantly seeking out the latest innovations and cool new products to bring our customers. And especially for Pros, the right product – liquid or otherwise – can make the difference between a happy client and a call back.

Here’s a look at some of the latest and greatest products in paint at The Home Depot.

Graco ProXChange Pump Kit: Eliminate down time with the innovative ProXChange pump system, which enables you to change your airless paint sprayer pump right on the jobsite without having to take it in for repairs and maintenance.


BEHR Marquee: For high-performance paint, BEHR Marquee is top of the line. This product guarantees one-coat coverage in more than 1,000 colors. It’s low VOC and 100 percent acrylic, which means it can be applied to previously painted surfaces.

Glidden Diamond: This is a paint and primer in one that boasts a lifetime guarantee. This product is 100 percent acrylic, extremely durable, hides coverage well and has minimal odor.

​​​Zinsser Mold Killing Primer: Multipurpose primer is the way to go in the painting industry. This product is EPA registered, kills mold and mildew while also preventing new mold growth. Plus, it dries to the touch in just 30 minutes.

BEHR Pro: Another low-VOC option from BEHR, these interior and exterior lines of professional-grade paint provide extensive coverage to large areas. With a water-based formula, it can be easily applied by sprayer. Combined with the one-hour dry time, this helps Pros get the job done faster.

Kilz2 Multi-Surface Primer, Sealer and Stain Blocker: This is a water-based interior and exterior primer-sealer and a stain blocker all in one. This versatile product blocks stains and sets a mildew-resistant coating. It’s ideal for all surfaces; it seals to drywall, woodwork, plaster, etc. 

3M Hand-Masker Tape Dispenser: Apply painter’s tape or paper in one continuous application. This time-saving product is lightweight, easy to grip and features a reinforced frame.

BEHR Granite Grip: Revive concrete surfaces and fill in cracks with a slip-resistant coating. This product provides a finish that resists dirt, grease and stains. Choose from pre-mixed or custom colors to fit every customer’s needs.  

3M Block Sanding Sponge: Reduce clogging for a longer-life with this sanding product that lasts five times longer than traditional sandpaper. It can be used for contoured and detailed sanding, has a flexible foam that can be used wet or dry and has anti-load coating for long life.

BEHR DeckOver: Rejuvenate decking surfaces including railing, porches and sidewalks with DeckOver. This is a 100 percent acrylic, durable coating that protects against mildew and conceals cracks and splinters up to ¼ in. – leaving a natural looking finish.  

Purdy Adjustable 18 in. Roller Frame: This adjustable frame fits all roller covers from 12 inches to 18 inches. Positioned with a unique angled frame design that allows for greater coverage with less effort, this tool also comes with a threaded end that’s compatible with extension poles. 

Pro Paint Merchant, The Home Depot