3 Window Trends to Watch in 2015

June 1, 2015

Long gone are the days when windows were merely an afterthought in the construction process. Today, clients and designers are seeking stylish, efficient and sophisticated ways to incorporate windows into their new and remodeled home projects. Like other aspects of the house, windows are following current trends in overall design aesthetic. Here are three we’ve seen in recent years that are emerging at an even faster pace in 2015.

1. Going Big

Creating extraordinary outdoor spaces continues to be big in 2015 and that movement is translating to window selection. By incorporating picture windows, customers are able to select a variety of customizable window sizes that allow in the maximum amount of light but also welcome views of their surroundings. Also en vogue is the revitalization of the mid-century modern look, thanks to the successful run of TV’s popular series Mad Men, and nothing says that more clearly than large, open unframed windows a la a California Eichler home.

2. Functional Use

Keeping pace with outdoor spaces is a focus on universal design. To make homes more livable for all, everything from the home’s kitchen cabinetry to entry ways is taken into consideration. And windows are no exception, with casement windows becoming a widely popular choice for those seeking simplicity. Thanks to the easy operation of the crank system, casement windows are a functional yet stylish option for those creating new or remodeled universal spaces. Allowing clients to test drive the crank will help to reassure it is the best method for their lifestyle, especially if they are hoping to achieve a combination of a large, open feel with usability.

3. Looking Up

While some are choosing to create open floor plans with a seamless flow from the outdoors in, others are looking for ways to maximize privacy while still maintaining natural light. Enter the clerestory window. These narrow windows can be placed high on a wall near the roof line to allow for great lighting, room privacy and flexibility in furniture placement without impacting design.

Whether your clients are eager to customize a more modern open space, reinvent their homes for long-lasting design or establish more privacy using unique window shapes, be sure to discuss the many options available to your clients so you can help them achieve a unique look with their new windows.

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