Best remodeling market since 2004?

June 15, 2011

So I don't know what to make of this one, posted earlier today on HousingZone:
BuildFax Remodeling Index Shows Top April on Record.

I'd love to believe it's true -- that we're really seeing remodeling activity hit it's highest mark since 2004. Everybody else seems to be projecting a slowdown, although the anecdotal evidence I'm hearing supports the idea of a surge this spring.

Harvard, for one, recently revised downward their projections for the year, calling for it to essentially be flat from 2010 -- no banner year for remodeling. The NAHB Remodeling Market Index hasn't exactly shown a booming market either.

Here's to hoping BuildFax is right. What are you seeing in your market?

Jonathan Sweet is the editor in chief of Professional Remodeler, an award-winning trade publication for remodelers and home improvement contractors. He started his career covering homes and small businesses at a daily newspaper and has spent more than a decade writing for several construction trade publications including Qualified Remodeler, Construction Pro and Concrete Contractor+Jonathan Sweet


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