Giving thanks is not just for Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2011

Well ladies and gentleman, we made it through another year. A year of bankruptcies with several top 100 builders, uncertainty in the job market that generated 15% of our population into the poverty level and an economic future, thanks to our Washington politicians, that couldn’t look any bleaker.

That fact that you are still in the game is really amazing. We conduct business completely different than what we did in 2005, we take nothing for granted, and we have learned new skills and attitudes that will be the platform for our future success when our market returns to 2001 levels.

Take a minute and really get a sense of how blessed you are…..

Now look at your vendors, contractors, employees who have walked along the same path as you the last 5 years. They too have changed radically in how they work in order to survive our new normal economy.  

Our industry has always been known for leadership that is quick to criticize, remember only the negatives and to be slow to praise. How about we use our Thanksgiving holiday as the start of recognizing the wonderful partnerships we have with these special people.

Make your priority to find opportunities to point out exceptional results or behaviors from you staff. Go out of your way to thank people for their contributions to your business that has allowed you to stay in the game. But most of all, don’t stop at Thanksgiving as the time to give thanks, make it a routine, make it an personal imperative.

Most people in our industry have sacrificed and have been beat up and frustrated for a long time. Let’s be there for one another.  It’s not only the right thing to do, it will be the single most appreciated offering you can give your staff. In return they will continue to follow you up the mountain…….

Happy Thanksgiving……..and thank you for your friendship,loyality and partnership


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