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February 21, 2012

Since the beginning of the Builders' Show in Orlando this month, I have learned more in two weeks than most will learn in a year.  From the people I met, to new and evolving construction techniques and technologies that promise to have an impact on the construction community for years to come, the lessons are astounding.  Last week, I shared some of the products that impressed me and continue to tell a green story.  This week, we turn to techniques.

This weekend, I returned from Monterrey, Mexico. Scott and I traveled to Mexico to meet a new client and begin the process of understanding construction practices and implementation of lean building principles.  What I learned, more than anything else, is how different the building practices can be while still providing similar results and outcomes.  I will likely share some of the building lessons learned in the coming weeks and months on those practices.  However, the point today is building practices need not be the same to be effective.

I have found over the past few years that Green Building is not any different.  There are many diverse avenues and paths that will lead this industry to more sustainable, green homes.  The key is no matter what path your company might take, the results need to be the same for your homes to be sustainable. Namely, green homes need to:

  • Reduce the amount of material required to build
  • Reduce the Water, Gas & Electricity used after completion
  • Reduce environmental contaminates that contribute to health concerns
  • Increase education of both builders & consumers

As you consider improving your building practices, incorporating these tests will ensure you are not only moving in the right direction, but reducing your overall cost of construction.


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