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The media has been talking about how the Fed has to be careful not to let inflation get "out of control" in the coming months and years. In fact, just last week, there was a headline talking about how another round of Quantitative Easing (QE2) bringing the risk of "unleashing 1970s inflation genie."

Mortgage Bonds are trading lower on what appears to be a changing sentiment towards the risk of deflation.

For months there has been an ever-growing fear that our economy is headed towards deflation…where prices on goods and services are falling lower, rather than climbing higher, which is of course, inflation. These fears of deflation have helped Bond prices move sharply higher, as the fixed payment that a Bond provides to an investor goes further - or purchases more goods and services - in a deflationary environment.

It seems like the media has finally woken up to the fact that inflation is a real concern…just as the Fed is getting the money printing presses warmed up, and will likely turn the switch on following their meeting on November 3rd.

Next week will bring the midterm elections on Tuesday, the Fed Statement on Wednesday and the Jobs Report on Friday - and this is a very influential trifecta of events.

Make you vote count! This could be the biggest election in many years!

Printing money will not help project financing get any better!