Save $5 a square foot with the right integrated software system

September 6, 2011

From the year 1999 to 2001 I led the enterprise wide SAP conversion for a top ten builder. Up until that time, very little was ever seen of a fully integrated software system for the builder. Software companies claimed to be fully integrated, but when you tested the product, it fell short of expectations. SAP was to be the shining knight on the white horse for Home building, offering a system that would revolutionize the industry. Well simply stated, it was developed by software developer’s not home builders and failed miserably. Since that time there has been a few attempts to duplicate a SAP concept but to no avail until now.

The advantages of a fully integrated system can be;

1.       Any change orders or exceptions are automatically loaded to the budget.

2.       By selecting one key home plan you can automatically keep all home plans continuously updated on budgets and pricing

3.       Because of the system linkage, you are able to give instant quotes as opposed to doing another take off.

4.       Job estimates usually have to be copied over to the home budget,  it is automatic in a integrated platform.

5.       Purchasing materials can be updated and real time on best pricing available in the market, creating enormous cost savings.

6.        Business planning can reflect current cost adjustments and display actual gross margins immediately.

7.       A real time customer statement of account to avoid a closing when both parties disagree about what is owed is also a feature of a robust software.

All of the above would help the homebuilder tremendously, especially in these economic times when we are all trying to shave cents off ever square foot of construction. There are more advantages as well but I don’t want to put you to sleep with more detail.

This type of software pays for itself and offers a competitive advantage to you as a homebuilder. This is the time to optimize the back office of your business. With the software now available, we all would be foolish not to take a serious look.

I would be happy to discuss the topic further if you so elect to contact me.


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