Tech for the Pro

December 2, 2014

Technology in retail has greatly advanced over the past several years, not only for consumers, but for professional customers as well. Sometimes new technology can seem intimidating or like a hassle. It doesn’t have to be. Retailers are customizing products specifically for your business, and you may be surprised at the range of helpful technology out there designed specifically for Pros – trade professionals and contractors.

Take a close look at your business needs before adopting new technology, and figure out what areas have room for improvement. Look for tasks and processes that are specifically time consuming and keeping your team away from the jobsite. Some potential areas of improvement include the following:

  • Create Sales Opportunities: Focus on technology and social media to help you bring in new business. Streamline your sales process with tablets as a sales tool. Share before and after photos of your work during consultations and keep information and statistics at your fingertips without excess equipment. Project estimators are another way to make your process more efficient.
  • Manage from Afar: Technology can make you more effective from the jobsite than ever before. Instead of making multiple store trips or running excessive errands, utilize The Home Depot’s Pro App, which includes features such as purchase tracking, smart product suggestions, quick and easy mobile checkout and visibility into local store inventories. You can also minimize the time your employees spend in the store with Text2Confirm, the newest service offered though The Home Depot’s Pro Xtra loyalty program that enables you to authorize in-store transactions via text.
  • Stay Organized: Operate more efficiently and focus on what really matters instead of the distractions of disorganized documents and receipts – especially with tax season approaching. A digital platform that organizes your day-to-day business and offers easy-to-use purchase tracking will help across multiple business functions. Technology can give you an additional edge over competitors – which can help your bottom line of sales.

Every business has different needs. Take the time to review what options work best for you and your business, and identify what products will be the most efficient. 

Joe Martincavage, Director, Pro Business, has been with The Home Depot for eight years. During that time he has served in Store Finance and Pro Operations.