Ten Quick Tips to Prepare for Winter Weather

November 30, 2015
Snow blower in winter weather

Search for gaps

Keep warm air in and cold air out by sealing around doors and windows with caulking, weather stripping, door sweeps or window insulation kits.

Prepare the pipes

As the temperatures drop, take steps to prevent pipes from freezing. Install heat cables and pipe insulation to help prevent burst pipes, which can force costly repairs.

Insulate the attic

Keep heat in the home by adding more attic insulation, which can save up 10 percent on energy costs. For bigger projects, buy 10 or more bags of AttiCat blown-in insulation from Owens Corning to get a free machine rental at The Home Depot. 

Inspect the water heater

The latest water heater efficiency requirements went into effect in April of this year, so verify that the water heater meets the standards. Also consider using an insulation blanket to regulate temperatures.

Get smarter energy savings

Switch to a programmable thermostat to save on heating costs when you’re not at home. Smart products like the ecobee Smarter Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat will automatically learn your habits and program themselves.

Use next-generation bulbs

Offset energy costs this winter by swapping out incandescent bulbs with LEDs, which use 84 percent less energy.

Stock up for snow removal

Pick up the right snow blower for the space and amount of snow you may have to clear. This 28-in., two-stage machine from Ariens is perfect for larger areas like driveways. To clear more manageable areas like smaller driveways and decks, look for a single-stage machine like this 21-in from Toro. For smaller areas like sidewalks and pathways, check out this hybrid machine from Snow Joe – which is the first snow blower to offer both corded and battery power options.   

Reevaluate the roof

To help prevent structural and water damage that can result from heavy snow, use the True Temper Telescoping roof rake. Also check surrounding tree limbs to ensure that smaller branches are trimmed away from the gutters, windows and HVAC units to minimize damage if they fall from the weight of snow or ice.

Clear out the gutters

Clogged or frozen gutters can cause leaks that may even damage a home’s foundation and destroy landscaping. Keep them clean to prevent long-term damage.

Winterize your vehicle

Prepare to tackle the ice and snow on windows, mirrors and doors with the Suncast Resin Auto Ice Scraper. Also make sure your car battery is in good condition.

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