Tiling Tips for Interior Remodels

August 19, 2015
Tiling tips for remodelers

Tile is extremely versatile, as it provides a durable and low maintenance finish for floors and adds character to bathroom walls and kitchen counters. Helping customers understand the value of using tile can help streamline interior remodels. For instance, coordinating interior walls and backsplashes with the color and style of permanent materials, such as countertops and cabinets helps provide a cohesive look throughout the room.

Stay up to date on the latest materials, sizes, colors, technologies and trends in tile to help educate your customers on how tile can improve the look of a room and help guide them to make the best purchase decision.

Project cost: Interior tiling projects cost between $316 and $1,029 on average, according to Redbeacon.

Material: Materials are shaking up the look of tile installations. Today, various finishes and textures are combined to create unique tile designs that immediately draw the eye. Mosaics and wall tiles create visual relief by utilizing highs and lows, bringing depth and dimension to any design project.

Size, shape and style: While smaller tile has traditionally been most popular for small bathrooms, many of today’s customers are opting in for larger tile in bathrooms, since it involves less grout and makes spaces appear larger.

  • Wall: Hexagons, arabesque, herringbone, bricks and dimension are currently on-trend for wall tile.
  • Floor: There’s been a shift from square floor tile to rectangular floor tile. New styles, such as vein cut looks, concrete-inspired tiles and cotto looks are coming on strong.

Color: When considering color, most customers like to stay neutral – but the base for neutral colors has widened. Today, neutral colors not only consist of beige and cream but also include grey, taupe, brown and black.

  • New technologies: With innovation in inkjet printing, customers are able to choose from a wide variety of wood-looks, traditional marble-looks and mixed mediums that are inspired by textiles and other textures. Slip resistant and easy to clean tiles are enabling tile to move outside the kitchen and bathroom to all areas of the home; inside and out.


  • Wood-look: Inspired by reclaimed home interiors and customers’ love for real wood, wood planks for floors and walls are the hottest trend for rooms of all sorts, including bathrooms.
  • Large tile: Customers are demanding planks, specifically sized 6” by 36,” and large rectangular tile – sized 12” by 4.”  Larger format square tiles are also sweeping the country with sizes greater than 16” taking market share and growing to 24” by 24” possibilities.
  • Subway tiles: There’s been a resurgence of classic styles, such as subway tile, since today’s homeowners want something that can live forever in their homes.

There are no real limitations on the tile that can be used for interior applications. When combined with components, such as accents and trims, the possibilities are endless.

Visit www.homedepot.com/tilescapes to help clients imagine what’s possible in their homes. Upload an image or vignette of a kitchen/bath setting to the photo portfolio tool and help customers envision tile backsplashes, countertops and flooring. Assemble a portfolio of your own on the site to showcase your installation expertise or talk with a kitchen and bath design expert at your local The Home Depot to learn more about interior tiling trends and styles for walls, counters and floors. 

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