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Smart home control brand Brilliant has expanded into whole-home smart lighting with two new products, a Smart Dimmer Switch and a Smart Plug.

With the new products, Brilliant says it offers the world’s only affordable built-in smart home control system with integrated whole-home lighting, for all homeowners and homebuilders.

“Before Brilliant, an integrated whole-home smart home and lighting system meant either spending tens of thousands of dollars on an inflexible home automation system, or piecing together a jumble of disparate devices and apps,” says Aaron Emigh, co-founder and CEO of Brilliant. “With our new smart switch and plug in combination with the Brilliant Control, we are realizing our mission to make it possible for every homeowner to experience the comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and convenience of living in a true smart home.”

The company says the Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch unlocks the ability for homeowners and homebuilders to affordably add high-end smart lighting to any room or throughout an entire home. With one-touch dimming, motion sensing, and scene control built in, the Smart Dimmer Switch also can be controlled by voice through Alexa and Google Assistant and remotely via the all-in-one Brilliant Smart Home app.

Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch Smart Black

Another introduction, the Brilliant Smart Plug makes lamps and other plug-in devices smart, with touch, voice, and app control, the company says. Combined with the Smart Home Control, these new products now enable Brilliant to offer the world’s first mainstream built-in smart home and lighting control system that can be easily installed in both new and existing homes.

“Over five years of research and design, Brilliant has worked to seamlessly integrate technology into the daily life of every homeowner,” the company says. “With motion enablement and integration into the Brilliant Smart Home System, the Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch is a game-changer for the smart lighting and control space, turning regular lights into smart lights and bringing intuitive control to smart bulbs. This combination of capabilities and affordable price point enables the highest end lighting control on the market to be deployed throughout homes of every kind and democratizes the market for complete home smart lighting and control.”

The new dimmer switch and smart plug incorporate a clean design aesthetic into a standard Decora-type form, so it can easily replace existing light switches. Finger-width touch grooves for dimmer controls invite a more intuitive user interaction, the company says, while also providing the convenience of tap-anywhere on/off functionality. Every Dimmer Switch also includes a built-in motion sensor and double-tap feature to activate a scene. This enables smart lighting to be deployed throughout the entire home, with control capabilities built directly into the walls and accessible by touch, voice, motion, and automated scenes, and remotely via app. 

Ideal for new construction, the products also can be integrated into remodeling and renovation projects easily: It sets up in minutes with no new home wiring required. “This reduces installation complexity and makes it perfect for DIYers, renovations, remodels, renters and late decision upgrades, as well as traditional whole-home installations,” the company syas.


Key benefits of the Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch

  • Easy to Install: Installs like a traditional light switch using standard electrical wiring. No custom wiring, hub, or batteries required.
  • Makes lighting smart:  Provides the ability to control any lighting fixture via touch, voice, motion, scenes, or with Brilliant’s all-in-one app.
  • Simple voice control: Use Alexa, Google Assistant, or HomeKit to control your lights hands-free.
  • Makes smart bulbs smarter: Brings traditional wall switch control to Philips Hue, LIFX, TP-Link, and more — use light switches that control smart bulbs without losing smart bulb connectivity when switches are off.
  • Capacitive touch dimming: Use the touch slider to adjust the brightness of any dimmable light or tap anywhere on the switch to turn lights on and off.
  • Motion detection: Automatically turn on the lights when someone enters a room and turn them off when a room is unoccupied. Or create pathway lighting triggers to turn on lights ahead of you as you move throughout your home.
  • Home automation and scene control: Double-tap anywhere on the switch to trigger a smart home or lighting scene that combines control of multiple devices: lights, music, climate, and more.
  • Affordability: Brilliant’s smart lighting and home control system is a fraction of the cost of comparable high-end smart home, lighting, and home automation systems.

Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch Smart White


Key benefits of the Brilliant Smart Home System

  • Unified control: Brilliant unifies all your favorite smart home devices and makes them easily accessible through a touchscreen control panel on your wall or a single app.
  • Easy for everyone: Spouses, kids, family, friends, and guests can easily use all your smart home devices. Brilliant lets you choose the best way to interact with your home in every situation: touch, voice, motion, or an all-in-one app.
  • Affordability: Brilliant brings mass-market affordability to high-end smart home and lighting control, making it feasible for every homeowner and every home builder to make their homes inherently smart with built-in controls, sensors, and smart devices.


The Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch ships in Q1 2020 and is listed $69.99 for a single and as low as $59.99 in various bundle packs, while the Smart Plug is available for $29.99. Both are available for pre-order here