Broan-NuTone Cattura Downdraft

March 27, 2015
The Cattura Downdraft kitchen ventilation system from Broan-NuTone installed in a kitchen island.

With Broan-NuTone’s Cattura Downdraft, homeowners intent on avoiding a traditional range hood have another option. The Cattura Downdraft is as effective as a traditional island hood, the manufacturer says, but comes as a sleek, retractable unit that elevates kitchen design and improves indoor air quality. The patented Vertex Complete Capture Design traps up to 100 percent of emissions. Dual inlet ports located on the face and the top of the downdraft take in emissions such as smoke, moisture, and other cooking fumes, eliminating odors and volatile organic compounds. Though powerful, the Cattura Downdraft is up to 35 percent quieter than other downdrafts, according to Broan-NuTone. 

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