Builders Finding New Ways To Make Homes More Resilient

February 18, 2016

Nature isn’t always the serene depiction shown at the opening of many a Looney Tunes short. The sun isn’t always shining, the birds aren’t always tweeting, and Edvard Grieg’s “Morning Mood” isn’t always playing on repeat. Sometimes nature can be a bit nasty.

Seeing as how a home is usually the biggest purchase of a person’s life, it makes sense that more and more people are looking for homes that, when nature pushes them, can push back. According to the Chicago Tribune, a 2014 survey by Munich Reinsurance America found that 63 percent of American’s plan to fortify or have already fortified their homes against severe weather events.

A custom builder in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, High Performance Homes, is focusing on using structural insulated panels in an effort to reduce drafts and better tolerate the effects of weather and also resist fire, mold, and water damage.

Other builders around the country are also focusing on issues associated with their respective climates. A Las Vegas area builder is building homes that are better equipped for the dryer climate. Things like high-efficiency irrigation for drought-resistant landscaping and forgoing the use of wood details that can dry out and crack over time can help a home look newer for longer.

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