California Rooms Increase in Popularity

September 25, 2017
Indoor-outdoor space, The New American Home 2017, Photo: Jeffrey A. Davis
Indoor-outdoor space in The New American Home 2017 (Photo: Jeffrey A. Davis)

According to, California rooms, or semi-enclosed outdoor living spaces, are becoming increasing popular with homebuyers.

California rooms are designed to offer protection from rain and sun but are open on one or more sides. They are considered outdoor spaces, meaning they are not factored into a home’s square footage. They can be attached to the house or built as free-standing backyard structures. California rooms can also add considerable value to a property.

"If the neighborhood has other homes with a California room or other upscale amenities like a pergola or outdoor kitchen connected to the house, homeowners will probably increase their property value by 80 to 100% of their building costs," says Kathryn Bishop, a realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Studio City, CA.

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