California's Labor Issues Enflamed

August 31, 2018
Fire extinguisher on floor against red wall
Photo: Unsplash/Jon Tyson

A national survey reveals that about 80 percent of construction companies report having difficulty filling hourly contractor positions. More than half are struggling to fill salaried positions.

The survey, released by Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors of America, highlights a national crunch that is worsened in places like California where wildfire damage compounds demand, and supply is already tight. CBS News reports that construction workers are being lured to the North Bay with higher pay to work on rebuilding projects after the wildfires. A Bay Area foreman says, "They're poaching our guys and offering more money per hour to go and work for them. They're leaving us high and dry."

The high cost of living in California's Bay Area is legendary. And with the construction industry facing a number of challenges -- including the need to rebuild after horrific wildfires -- that's set to only rise. Developers are having trouble getting their projects finished -- or even started, reports CBS affiliate KPIX. One construction foreman told the station he's four to five weeks behind schedule on his site.

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