Can a Home Help You Live Longer?

October 15, 2019
Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

Are claims that residents can live healthier in a domicile with circadian lighting, hospital-grade filtered air, and pollutant-free water bogus or legit?

“People have recognized that in the last 50 years, our lifestyles have changed, and we’ve seen a rise in chronic disease and obesity, and people being less active,” says Katharine Johnston, a researcher and co-author of the Global Wellness Institute report. “All of those issues relate back to our lifestyles, habits, and daily life, and where we live. With real estate in particular, younger generations don’t want to live in a suburban neighborhood with no sidewalks and drive everywhere.”

It also doesn’t hurt developers’ bottom lines to extol the virtues of a healthier home. The Global Wellness Institute suggests homeowners are willing to pay an average of a 10 to 25 percent premium for houses within wellness communities. That may explain why, as of 2018, roughly 350 such projects were in the pipeline globally. Johnston says the trend is only in the early stages of mainstream development, and will continue to ramp up.

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