Can Wind Turbines Power Your House?

June 14, 2019
wind turbine in sunflower field
Photo: Unsplash/Gustavo Quepon looks at the logistics behind a wind-powered home.

Residential wind turbines are a good option if you live in an area with consistent wind flow—but not gale-force winds, which would cause the National Weather Service to issue a wind advisory.

If you live in a crowded residential area where the wind rarely blows, wind turbines are probably not a good idea. DiClerico says the strongest breezes are usually on the coast, along ridge lines, and on the open plains. But there are other location-specific requirements as well.

“Your home needs to be on a lot that’s at least 1 acre in size,” he says. If it’s smaller than that, the wind turbine could interfere with your neighbor’s property.

“Even if your lot is large enough, local zoning codes and covenants must permit wind turbines,” he says. And if you live in—or are considering living in—a homeowners association, DiClerico says many HOAs and suburban communities won’t allow residential wind turbines.”

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