Can Your Home Help You Sleep Better?

September 6, 2019
Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

Can a new home help residents sleep better?

Troon Pacific doesn’t actually guarantee homeowners will have a sounder slumber, but the San Francisco real estate developer and investment management company is branding itself as a provider of “elevated living environments.” One facet of that promise is designing luxury sleep enhanced homes with sound reducing drywall over plumbing lines and bathroom and bedroom walls, natural insulation material, Merv 13 filtered air systems and a heat exchanger that maintains fresh air and consistent optimum temperature for deep sleep.

Twenty years ago, Troon was more associated with sustainability, known for building a number of LEED Platinum-certified residences. The company even built the most sustainable home in America in 2008. It still practices sustainable building, but that specialty morphed into other environmentally friendly issues, such as air and water quality.

Once Troon Pacific started working on how to best mitigate the use of carcinogens and chemicals in building materials, the company started to think about how else it could impact health. “We realized there’s lots we could do in the course of construction that helps with sleep,” says CEO and founder Gregory Malin.

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