Case Study: KB Home turns to Kwikset for secure, convenient re-key technology

Learn how Kwikset’s SmartKey Security Products provide value and peace of mind to KB Home and its homeowners

By Kwikset | July 6, 2012
Case Study: KB Home turns to Kwikset for secure, convenient re-key technology

Lost keys, incorrect keying, unreliable operation of locksets and costs incurred from rekeying traditional locks throughout the construction process have proven to be frustrating and challenging for homebuilders and homeowners alike.

A key concern for a builder is to keep the home secure throughout construction, while offering homeowners peace of mind that when they hand over the keys, the new homeowner is the only one with a copy.

Companies like KB Home, one of the nation’s premier homebuilders, were looking for a solution that could deliver value in the form of increased operating efficiency as well as the promise of comfort and security for their homeowners.

KB Home turned to Kwikset, one of their trusted national supplier partners, and a leader in residential security, to provide a solution. Kwikset was one of the first lock manufacturers to introduce re-key technology to the industry with its SmartKey products in 2007. The technology allows homebuilders and homeowners the flexibility to re-key their locks quickly and easily, without removing the lock from the door. This feature allows homebuilders an efficient way to make sure the home is secured throughout the construction process, and provide homeowners with a brand new key upon completion.

SmartKey is also equipped with patented BumpGuard side locking bar technology that replaces a traditional pin and tumbler design to protect against lock bumping. Providing top-line safety and efficiency, SmartKey is a value-add for builders to present to potential homeowners.

In 2010, KB Home began installing SmartKey products in all newly opened KB Home projects. 

“The Kwikset SmartKey has given KB Home the ability to provide our customers the comfort of knowing their family and belongings are secured without question.  The SmartKey gives the builder and customer the flexibility to rekey their locks easily, and securely, at no additional cost.” – Ken Hilligoss, Vice President of Purchasing for KB Home’s Southern California division

SmartKey products provide the following benefits:
• The ability to re-key locks in seconds without removing the hardware from the door
• Easy instructions and re-keying tools that provide convenience for builders and homeowners
• Assurance for homeowners that they are the only ones with keys to their home
• Third party product testing that demonstrates the highest level of residential security and overall lock quality

“Multiple customers have commented on how impressed they were with the new locks that we have chosen to install in our homes.  The use of products like the Kwikset SmartKey demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with the ultimate in quality, value and security.” – Bradd Robison, Vice President of Operations for KB Home’s Las Vegas division

KB Home opted to utilize Kwikset SmartKey products at various price points depending on each home’s location and floor plan. In some cases, an upgrade to keyless electronic SmartCode locks was also provided as an option to homeowners.

• In June 2010, KB Home began installing Kwikset SmartKey locks in all of its new homes.
• The simple re-key feature on the locks has relieved setbacks and interruptions to the construction process due to lost, misplaced or malfunctioning keys.
• The operations team teaches homeowners how to rekey their locks each time they conduct a final inspection and hand over the keys.
• KB Home has also leveraged Kwikset’s brand reputation as being among the most high-quality and secure residential locks on the market. When coupled with other respected brands, homeowners have increased trust in KB Home’s commitment to quality and value.

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