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More construction workers are relying on off-site prefabrication methods to enhance construction efficiency.
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As prefabrication grows in popularity, so does the amount of time construction workers are spending on these types of projects. According to Pro Builder's sister publication Building Design + Construction, citing survey data from consulting and investment banking firm FMI, contractors are spending 18% more of their labor and time on prefab construction projects, and it's anticipated that figure will nearly double to approximately 34% within the next five years. 

At the same time, ongoing labor shortages and compressed project schedules continue to be a challenge for industry professionals. Because of this, many construction workers have come to appreciate the benefits of prefabrication, with the study noting it can reduce variability and improve the overall quality of a build. 

Contractors that consider prefabrication must determine how to do it at scale, profitably, and in a way that increases company earnings. Successful prefab practices, says FMI, require long-term strategic thinking and planning across an organization, along with the development of a comprehensive operational blueprint.

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