Dark, Bold Colors Still Dominate Color Palettes

January 3, 2019
Dark and bold colors continue to dominate color palettes inside and out
Dark and bold colors continue to dominate color palettes inside and out. Photo: Royal Building Products

Shades of charcoal, black, dark blue, dark green, and even dark red are being used as both primary colors and secondary accents on the exteriors of homes, says Kriss Swint, director of interactive strategy and design at Royal Building Products

Other key trends that Swint believes will impact exterior sales and design in 2019 include:

* A new take on classics: Classic color palettes are elegant and sophisticated. Classic-looking white homes with black trim continue to rise in popularity. Neutral colors are also maintaining their popularity. "They don't mean lack of fashion, but instead convey warmth and comfort," says Swint. New classics for both the interior and exterior include grays and blues.

* Inside out: Outdoor living rooms have taken the top spot in terms of growing consumer interest among special-function rooms. Home buyers are seeking more lavish outdoor spaces. Deck and patio areas are equipped with typical indoor amenities like kitchens, covered roofs, rugs, and high-design furniture. Homeowners are using fire pits, portable furnaces, and heaters to get more use out of their outdoor spaces year round. They're also adding lighting and other fashionable touches to their driveways. Indoor living areas with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors bring the outside in.

* Bring the spa outdoors: The focus on wellness and mindfulness is a huge influence on both interior and exterior spaces, says Swint. "In the exterior space, we see the rising popularity of mediation areas, reading nooks, water features, and zen gardens," she says. Outdoor dining areas set in gardens represent "taking your plate further into nature than the porch or deck."

* Rethinking the shed: Backyard bars, man caves, dog showers, and work spaces are popping up in backyard "sheds." This is an offshoot of the Tiny House movement, Swint says. Garages and sheds are no longer purely functional; homeowners are adding elements such as siding, complementary trim, window flower boxes, and sleek glass doors. 



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