Decks, Storage, And Views: What Homebuyers Want, From Coast To Coast

November 1, 2016

From Portland, Me., to Portland, Ore., homebuyers really want decks.

Trulia found the amenities buyers want most in each state. Nearly half the nation (22 states, almost all in the North) had “deck” as the most popular feature. Other popular listing terms included “granite” (particularly in the Southwest), “storage,” and “hardwood floors.” “Views” was most popular in scenic states like Florida, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Montana.

Trulia scoured the listing data of for-sale homes in more than 100 metros to find out what features are most popular in each state. Trulia’s data team combed through for-sale listings for more than two dozen common terms, including “hardwood floors,” “views,” “stainless steel,” “open floor plan,” “high ceilings,” and more, and tallied the terms that appear most often to find each state’s favorite amenity.

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