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Air King America, LLC

air king ventilation

In partnership with residential developer SYMBI Homes, PRODUCTS recently completed a high-performance demonstration project in Mt. Rainier, Md., a Washington, DC suburb.

The pilot project, a for-sale duplex, showcases a higher level of quality, innovation, and sustainability in home building.

SYMBI selected Air King America, LLC, to provide exhaust fans for the kitchens and bathrooms in the homes.  This partnership supported SYMBI’s mission to prioritize wellness, energy efficiency and technology in their innovative homes. Highlights include:

Air King products are Energy Star certified, providing some of the most efficient exhaust motors on the market;

  • Air King helps SYMBI maintain optimal indoor air quality with a combination of humidity-sensing bath fans and a continuous kitchen exhaust system;
  • Additional benefits of the Air King components include the extremely quiet motors and easy clean-up of dishwasher-safe kitchen grease filters;
  • Air King products are made in America using environmentally-friendly manufacturing and supply chain processes.

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Product Innovation

High-performance homes have extremely tight envelopes, meaning that the entire exterior shell including walls, roof, windows, and foundation remains largely impenetrable to air, water and temperature transfer.

As such, it is critical to have a superior, comprehensive mechanical ventilation system that continuously brings fresh air in and removes stale air and contaminants from the home. Air King exhaust products, working in conjunction with a whole house Aprilaire dehumidifier and filtered fresh air ventilator, help ensure optimal air quality for the homes’ occupants..

Air King’s LE300A exhaust hood “power pack” in the kitchens operate at a low speed to provide continuous operation at a barely audible sound level. “Building science has shown that the kitchen is the area where the most contamination comes into play,” says Jeff Kenkelen, President of Air King America. Ideally, removing those contaminants at the source results in better overall indoor air quality. “The idea is everything gets exhausted out of the house.”

The Air King D4S Series bathroom exhaust fans were awarded Most Efficient 2020 product by the Energy Star program of the US Department of Energy. With an efficacy rating of 17.2 CFM per watt, the D4H series minimizes the energy needed to ventilate. The unuit’s humidity sensor detects when there is a rise in humidity and automatically turns on the fan. Then when the humidity falls below the set level, the fan automatically turns off, ensuring proper ventilation at maximum energy efficiency.

Rough-In Photo of the AirKing D4S Bathroom Exhaust Fan in SYMBI’s guest bath.

Rough-In photo of the AirKing D4S Bathroom Exhaust Fan in SYMBI’s guest bath


In addition to its role in indoor air quality,  “Acoustic comfort is another big selling point of Air King fans,” says SYMBI CEO Nicole Tysvaer.

She also highlights the benefits of the aluminum mesh filters in the kitchen units that contain grease. “The filters click nicely into place and can be put into the dishwasher to be cleaned,” she adds.  

The Air King range hood not only provides exceptional performance and convenience, but aesthetically. “It is an insert that suits a modern line of cabinets,” Tysvaer says, “It’s all flush and beautiful and the hood hides right into the cabinet run.”

Tips from the Builder

  • Be sure to size your exhaust system correctly based on the cubic feet of space and the demands of your kitchen appliances.
  • Having a fresh air ventilator that runs periodically throughout the day negated the need to design and provide for additional make-up air. Check with your mechanical engineer to ensure that ventilation is properly balanced.  

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Photo of the completed SYMBI Duplex One Unit B kitchen featuring the Air King LE300A Power Pack exhaust hood.

Photo of the completed SYMBI Duplex One Unit B kitchen featuring the Air King LE300A Power Pack exhaust hood