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Interior designer Sasha Bikoff and tile brand New Ravenna have collaborated on a sweeping new collection of tiles that span multiple centuries.

The New World collection features seven handcrafted designs that traverse time from 17th century Dutch cartography through antique laces and the classic American aesthetic, the company says.

"Tile is a cultural emblem that represents a country's aesthetic,” says Bikoff, principal of Sasha Bikoff Interior Design in New York City. “There are unlimited beautiful tiles that feel Italian, Delft, Portuguese, Spanish. America's history is younger and the culture has a more relaxed vibe. I'd like to define that through tile."


New Ravenna The New World Map Atlas Maior Wall Application with Sasha Bikoff

Map, Atlas Maior is a hand-nipped stone mosaic, shown in various colors of stone and glazed Basalto.

Starting the historical journey with an interpretation of the 17th century map of the world by Joan Bleu, Atlas Maior is a charming rendition of Baroque geography, animated with sea serpents, full masted galleons, and frolicking dolphins, New Ravenna says. To simulate the aging of a crinkled antique map, the company's design team applied a honed finish to the 12 different stones, and selected a darker grout to finish the piece.

Bikoff also looked to the Dutch cartographer to capture in mosaic Bleu's painting of Ptolemy's systems of the world. “Ptolemy's Cosmos illustrates the universe, using 13 colors of stone, accented with brushed brass,”New Ravenna says. “The map progresses from terrestrial to celestial, and concludes in astrological.”

Journeying from the old world to new meant identifying the quintessential American textile pattern. The result is the iconic American bandana print in two versions: East Coast and West Coast. New Ravenna says grout lines are equally as important to the design as the paisleys are, mimicking a cloth that has permanent creases from being worn and folded hundreds of times. Bikoff and New Ravenna chose a honed background on the Bandanas to give the allure of softened cotton.


New Ravenna The New World Sasha Bikoff Point Dangleterre Lace Noire

Point d’Angleterre Lace – Noire is a hand-cut and waterjet stone mosaic featuring tumbled Nero Marquina background and polished Nero Marquina florals

The vintage bandanas are contrasted by three lace designs: Point d’Angleterre Lace, Queen Mary's Lace, and Swiss Dot Lace. The Laces bring a femininity found in women's garments and home textiles to the collection. Inspired by the complexity of antique lace, the designs include honed and tumbled stone to create texture, and differing grout colors to highlight the intricate webbing. "The lace is a juxtaposition to the bandana prints and offers the same playful idea of turning a textile into a tile mosaic," Bikoff adds.

The New World collection can be installed on walls and floors, indoors and out.


New Ravenna The New World Sasha Bikoff Queen Marys Lace Antique

Queen Mary’s Lace – Antique stone mosaic is shown here with a honed Cloud Nine background and honed Thassos florals.


Known for her balanced understanding of design, flawless execution, and technical knowhow, Bikoff’s style is heavily influenced by the multicultural flavors of her hometown, New York City, and from her experiences traveling abroad. Her tile collection draws influence from her background in Fine Arts and Art History.

The new collection is available through designer showrooms across the country and internationally.

New Ravenna The New World Sasha Bikoff Swiss Dot Nude

Swiss Dot Lace – Nude handmade stone mosaic features a honed Lagos Gold background and honed Orpheus Black florals.