The Economic Difficulty of Building 'Eco'

Are homebuyers more interested in being green or saving green?

April 30, 2015
The Economic Difficulty of Building “Eco”
The Economic Difficulty of Building “Eco”

It’s not news that many buyers are more concerned with their bottom line than the impact of their home on the environment. A team from the University of Texas at San Antonio has done some research as to what extent eco-friendly incentives lure buyers.

The study, led by Professor Thomas Thomson, found that it varies by region, The Wall Street Journal reports. Water-strapped regions will see buyers willing to pay more for water conservation features, and buyers in milder climates with lower utility bills might put “less of a premium on ‘energy efficient’ as opposed to ‘green’ features.”

Many buyers, though, are put off by the high price of environmentally friendly features that may only generate modest gains when it is time to sell.

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