Efficiency and Intelligence Are the New Luxury

February 25, 2020
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By vegefox.com

Luxury buyers are trending away from large, flashy homes to focus their wealth on packing smaller footprints with wellness amenities and smart home tech. But they do not want just a smart home hub here and a home gym there: They want an entire smart ecosystem suited to their living needs that optimizes energy-efficiency, airflow, water, and lighting while integrating specific spaces such as an au pair suite. Keep these features in mind when designing your next luxury project to create a home that is not only trending, but also suits the needs of your client to a T. 

Sprawling houses with tennis courts and indoor pools, among other ostentatious features, once constituted the benchmark for luxury properties. Not any longer.  

According to Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Report 2020, released last week, high-net-worth home seekers are now flocking to smaller, more manageable square footage and modern amenities focused on wellness and technology.  

Here are the property types and features, as highlighted in the report, that the affluent seek. 

Modern and move-in ready homes 

According to Coldwell Banker’s survey of 22 luxury real estate agents around the world, wealthy home shoppers prefer modern residences – both in a design sense but also in construction age.

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