Even When Facing A Prolonged Drought, People Want Lawns

November 3, 2016

Residents of drought-stricken Southern California are green with envy when it comes to lawns.

The Guardian reports that as the state has relaxed water restrictions during the last year, homeowners are excitedly laying down sod and growing their grass once again.

In the eyes of many homeowners, a lush green lawn just looks better than sun-scorched brown grass, artificial turf, and drought-tolerant rocks and shrubs. Grass also absorbs greenhouse gas, cools air temperature, and impedes soil erosion.

California is still in a drought, though, so these homeowners are using precious water to keep their lawns alive. That rubs water conservationists the wrong way.

Horrified landscapers and conservation activists have reported spotting new lawns around LA and San Diego. “You see them going in. I always stop and stare and think, what are you doing, are you really that clueless?” said Marilee Kuhlmann, a landscape consultant and president of Urban Water Group.

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