Fenestration Rating Council Launches Faster Energy Performance Testing System

By Peter Fabris | February 10, 2020
By brizmaker

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) introduced a new process that will greatly reduce the time needed for simulating energy performance. This will help get innovative new windows, doors, and skylights to market faster, according to a NFRC news release. “The Linear Energy Analysis For Fenestration (LEAFF) trendline methodology uses product-line characteristics to determine trendlines that replace the need to run numerous simulations separately,” the release says. “This establishes the windows’, doors’, or skylights’ energy performance with different options such as glazing and frame types.”

“This streamlined process will save time and make it easier for manufacturers to get new, innovative products certified,” says Deb Callahan, CEO of NFRC.

NFRC is offering a series of online courses open to members and nonmembers that will provide information and instruction on the LEAFF trendline methodology, formerly known as Residential Component-Based Calculation (RCBC).

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